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Transformer cooler

Transformer cooler

supplying transformer coolers, air cooling coolers for power transformer, water cooling coolers for power transformer, air coolers, water coolers. 

All kinds of coolers for transformer, water coolers, air coolers of transformer 

YF series of oil forced circulating air cooler for transformer has absorbed the technical characteristics of Canada and Japan to strengthen heat transfering, with the advantages of high cooling efficiency, light weight, low noise, etc., which fully conforms to JB / tb315-1996 standard. 

This product introduction:

1. Yf-200 series air coolers include yf1-200, yf2-200, yf3-200, yf4-200 and yf5-200.

2. The steel aluminum composite fin tube is adopted, the fin tube is neat and beautiful, and has good thermal conductivity. The cooler has a single circuit structure, simple structure, few sealing points, good sealing performance, large oil flow area and low flow rate, which can reduce the electrostatic phenomenon of oil flow.

3. The advanced hot oil flushing device ensures the cleanness of the inner cavity.

4. The installation site of the cooler shall be free of severe sand and chemical corrosive or flammable and explosive gases.

5. The working power supply of the cooler is three-phase 380V, 50Hz.

Supplying all kinds of transformer accessories, 

transformer bushings, transformer coolers, temperature gauges, 

transformer oil temperature controller, transformer winding temperature controller, 

gas relay, Buchholz relay, water cooler, air cooler, LV busbar, HV bushings, 

MV bushings, LV bushings, dry type bushings from 66KV-500KV. isolators, 

transformer wheels, transformer offloading/loading equipments, 

transformer moving system, transformer off-loading from tailer, 

transformer breathers, free-maintence breathers,

transformer 3D impact recorders, transformer oil treatment plant, 

transformer vacuum oil filteration plant, transformer dry air generator, 

transformer oil DGA system, transformer oil on-line monitoring system etc.

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