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ZFITA keep offering ZF genuine parts during COVID-19

ZFITA keep offering ZF genuine parts during COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the new covid-19 in 2019, many of our supplying factories have been temporarily shut down, including those in China, Germany, South Korea, Japan, etc. This affects the normal supply of our ZF products.

ZFITA is mainly supplying :

ZF 4WG200 transmission, ZF 4WG180 parts, ZF 4WG200 gearbox, ZF 6WG200 spare parts, 

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It is a serious challenge to our supply capacity.

Not only because of the shutdown of the factory, but also because of the stoppage and reduction of many flights and the reduction of the frequency of shipping liner, which have a certain degree of impact on our product supply. However, ZFITA has not been intimidated by the difficulties, but actively coordinates by the efforts of all teams, arranges and prepares the goods in advance. So we succeed supplying our costomers from the Middle East, South America, Russia, Southeast Asia and Canada and other countries and regions have provided high-quality goods on time.

Once again, I would like to thank every member of the team for their participation, as well as our suppliers and logistics partners for their strong support. 

Trust ZFITA will be the best supplier from China, supplying genuine and original ZF spare parts for ZF 4WG200 transmission, ZF 4WG180 transmission, ZF 6WG200 transmission, ZF6WG180 gearbox etc. 

And we are also working hard to be the best supplier from China suppling: XCMG spare parts, Liugong machinery spare parts, SANY machinery spare parts, Changlin machinery spare parts and SDLG machinery spare parts. 

Thank you for all!

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