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Shipping to ZF 4WG200 customer

Shipping to ZF 4WG200 customer

ZF 4WG200 transmission assemble

Part number: 4644 024 146 , 4644 024 173, 

ZF 4WG150---4642 054 057

4WG180---- 4644 004 233

4WG200--- 4644 024 228 for SDLG

4WG200---4644 024 173 for XCMG 

4WG200--4644 024 213

4WG260--5872 188 002

4WG308---4646 004 076 for XCMG LW820G

6WG180---4644 006 226

6WG200----4644 026 365/367

6WG310----4646 086 018



We supply ZF gear box (WG series like 4WG200/6WG200/4WG180/6WG180/WG181/YD13/DB132/ZL50/AP-409/DK, AP-441/HK axle)

ZF 4WG200 wheel loader Gearbox/transmission full series list as following:


4WG200 Transmission Assembly/Torque Converter for SDLG 958 Loader

4WG200 Transmission Assembly/Torque Converter for SEM 658, SEM 659 Loader

4WG200/4WG180 Transmission Assembly/Torque Converter for XCMG ZL50G

4WG200 gearbox assembly/converter for Liugong 856/50CX/50D loader

4WG310 Gearbox/Torque Converter AP420 Drive Bridge for Liugong 888 Loader

6WG180/6WG200 Gearbox for Dingsheng Tiangong PY180/PY200/PY220 Grader

Gearbox for Dingsheng Tiangong ZL50G Loader

YD13 gearbox for XCMG grader GR180, GR165 and GR215

YD13/WG180/WG200 gearbox for Changlin PY190C, PY165, PY220C grader

YD13/WG180/WG200 gearbox for Chengdu Dahua DH170, DH180, PY200TF, DH215, MG1320E grader 

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